Our time with you in the crater provided us with an excellent foundation for our visits to Wadi Rum and Petra.

We enjoyed the education. Thank you for the Nabatean link as we are enthralled with their history and culture.






Dear Yoash

Nicole and myself enjoyed every single moment with you whilst touring around Mitzpe Ramon beginning of this month.

Your lively story telling, the personal commitment and your broad knowledge about history and nature captivated us.

We look forward to an "encore" next year, certainly more hiking in the Makhtesh, and maybe a nocturne animal watch.

Best, Armin & Nicole

Dr. Armin Zucker
Rechtsanwalt, Partner







Family & friends. 

Thought of sharing with you our unforgettable February, 2013 hike out in Israel’s magnificent deserts

(please see link below).    


·       Four days: 2 days, easy hikes + two other days, moderate hikes – the later included descending on ropes and ladders,         don’t know how, but I did it (otherwise I’d still be up on those mountains looking for a way down…).  All in all, I think           we did some 20 miles or so in all 4 days.    


·       Two nights in tents.  Froze our butts off, but hey: we enjoyed hot meals and a drop or two of red wine - so that made          it memorable, I guess... 


·       Day temps were pleasant, mostly sunny & very little rain. Nights slightly above freezing


·       Could not do it without our superb & fantastic guide; otherwise I’d still be looking for the way back out of these vast           deserts…


·       Yoash Limon (whom some of you know, I believe) is that superb guy who took us out to see sights we’ll never forget.          This makes the 2nd time we go out into the desert with Yoash, whom I nick named “Mr. Wikipedia” as, to quote                  Adam, “he knew everything!”  He knew his history, the nature all around and his way all over that place with hardly              any trail markers…


·       Though these ropes and ladders scared me to death, I may still do it all over again, as it was truly a privileged                        experience…

Thanks very much for everything! We enjoyed the tour very much. And you were not too bad either. One might even say you were great... 


Dear Yoash,


Thank you so much for the wonderful tour you gave us. I enjoyed every moment. I've given your name to my publisher since she is coming to Israel in February and told me she would be in Mitzpeh with her husband.